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Creative communication through considered graphic design and bespoke illustration.

What is impact reporting?

An ESG report is a record of a company’s impact in environmental, social and business governance areas. The report can be used as a mirror to reflect and help a company understand how they can better themselves and improve in certain areas of operation. An impact report such as this can become a key part of a company’s growth strategy and can help attract investors and improve overall reputation. As the climate crisis continues to worsen and ethical practise within business is rightfully in the spotlight more than ever, it’s factors beyond legal disclosure requirements and the balance sheet that are increasingly playing key roles in decision-making for businesses.

So you’ve carried out an impact report, what now?

We can break your report down into a digestible narrative that will help you understand the data that has been collected and present this in a professional manner. We take a tailored approach to report design, to ensure the finished product reflects your aims and objectives. With clarity of information at the core of everything we design, we provide structure and guidance, working closely with you to understand your sector, your line of business and your goals. A well designed ESG report can ultimately help grow your business in a meaningful way; and that’s worth investing in.