The studio is now open by appointment only.
In line with government guidance, our Creative Graffix team have been split and will now be working remotely until further notice.
During this time we will continue to provide the same support and service for our clients as best we can. 


Bespoke Illustration

Custom illustration is a great way for a brand to distinguish itself and differentiate itself from competitors.

A strong, memorable visual identity can drive brand recognition whilst increasing awareness and conveying a positive message to the right target consumer. An illustration can increase the positivity of a message through storytelling, by showing abstract concepts or by offering a technical representation.

We have the unique opportunity to create standalone illustrations or develop illustrative-led brand identities using our own in-house illustrator.

In order to ensure a positive result, we work with you to better understand your business requirements, identify the symbols and imagery that will have the strongest positive impact on your brand awareness, and guarantee your business' growth by creating a unique brand identity and differentiate you from your competitors.

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