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Brand design for a local business offering a complete contracting service for both individuals and large corporate clients.

Project Objective.

Complete Contracts — as a growing and evolving company — required a defined visual identity, distinct from their existing plumbing business, in order to help establish a clear position within the sector. An identity needed to be created to promote a confident approach to business and generate trust with new and existing clients — inclusive of individuals and larger corporate clients.

Our Approach.

We designed a minimalist mark to evoke a sense of confidence, representing the company's commitment to professionalism, quality and a refined approach. 

Background textures are thoughtfully incorporated to add depth and dimension to graphic layouts, enhancing the overall visuals. The brand components can be seamlessly mixed and matched, offering a versatile range of layouts while maintaining the cohesive aesthetic of the visual identity. Stylised in-line bullet points serve as a strategic typographic device, conveying a distinct visual representation that showcases the company's extensive breadth of services.

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