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Light Boxes

Point of sale items - Lightbox

We offer a range of light boxes, illuminated poster frames, LED edge-lit lightboxes and outdoor specific light boxes to meet all your needs.

Lightboxes can be used to advertise an event, information or poster in an eye-catching way. They have achieved widespread popularity in recent years as they can add a modern touch to your brand whilst still effectively getting your message across.

All of our lightboxes are manufactured from extruded aluminium and come in a range of finishes. Ideal for retailers, restaurants and the leisure industry, these are great as a point of sale solution but can also be used in offices and receptions to showcase products or press releases. They’re super user-friendly & can be used for a range of purposes making them a worthy investment.

We work alongside our local signage partner to manage the supply and fit of our hardware to hold artwork designs and printed posters.

Please enquire for the full range of options.