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ID Cards & Badges

It is important to provide ID cards or name badges within the workplace as it offers your employees with a sense of security and adds an element of professionalism to your company.

We are able to create customised plastic cards with employee credentials branded to your company. These cards can include staff profile images, titles, name, security numbers or anything else required within your workplace. We offer our ID cards in a variety of formats including lanyards, clips or pouches. Creative Graffix does not have a minimum order policy and therefore we are able to supply to your business regardless of the size of your company – no order is too little or big for us! It is our main priority to ensure that our ID cards or name badges are tailored to your company’s brand and suit your individual needs. That is why our name badges can be supplied with a plastic or metal finish, with a pin or magnetic fastening. Contact us today for further information or enquiries!