The studio is now open by appointment only.
In line with government guidance, our Creative Graffix team have been split and will now be working remotely until further notice.
During this time we will continue to provide the same support and service for our clients as best we can. 



Flags have been around for centuries and serve a simple yet effective purpose that has proved timeless. Flags are eye-catching, memorable and can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Ideal for promotion at outdoor events or outside a business's premises they not only bring in customers but act as a symbol for your brand. Carrying your colours, branding or logo your flag represents you, your company & everything you stand for.

Flags may not be flashy but they are cost-effective & will last in all weathers. They're easy to assemble and lightweight too meaning they're perfect for easy transport and temporary outdoor events. We can create any flag you like in a range of shapes, colours and sizes.

Options include:

  • Variety of shapes; feather, teardrop, sail or rectangular
  • Variety of sizes, up to 4+ metres
  • Different fixings; ground spike, water base, cross base etc.

Please enquire for the full range of options & find out more about our services today!