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12b Riverside Court
United Kingdom

01382 660099

Creative Graffix is a brand-focussed graphic design studio with in-house print production based in Dundee.


Well designed menus make sure your guests are never confused. Have disposable menus printed in batch or have durable waterproof menus to last. 


A well designed menu kick-starts the dining experience off smoothly with ease and simplicity.

A range of options are available to design and print menus for restaurants and bars, whether you want something to look the part or something a bit more disposable.

When you have a corporate event we can design and print a special one-off menu. We have the ability to produce something very special and memorable for the day which can tie into your corporate branding.

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    True Pizza Menus_PHOTO.png
    Illustration by Suzanne Scott - WhimSicAL Lush