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About Carol Soutar

What first attracted you to the graphic design industry?

I was always interested in art and making things at school. It was a gamble between choosing a career in the graphic design industry or in a vet’s practice. The day I was offered the job at the designers, I was also offered one with the PDSA. I chose this one and the rest is history as they say!.

How did you join Creative Graffix?

I originally applied for the position of Printer, but ended up working in the artwork department. Things have changed hugely over the years — from working with glue and a drawing board to everything being produced digitally. It’s been great to see the progression over the years though!

What are the main challenges and what is most rewarding about your role?

Sometimes the deadlines can be quite challenging, especially when things don’t always go to plan. We always try to build time into production for machine malfunctions but it isn’t always that easy to plan exactly how things are going to go — and that can mean working flat out in order to meet our clients’ deadlines. It’s very rewarding though seeing the things we’ve been working on out there and in use.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future? 

At the moment I’m quite happy working the way I am, contributing to both the Design department from home but also having the chance to spend time in the studio and being ‘hands on’ the rest of the time. Long may that continue!

What's an interesting fact about you?

When I’m not in the studio I’m usually spending time with my horse, Ellie. I’ve had her for 14 years now and there’s nothing better than being out there in the fresh air and hacking through beautiful countryside with friends.

Richard Smyth - Director at Creative Graffix
Carol Soutar
Graphic Designer