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Logo and brand design for a new business offering micro shares in horse racing.

Project Objective.

The client was looking for a slick, modern design that would appeal to a younger audience looking to get involved in horse racing, without the costly barriers that are usually in place and play into the perception of racing being a sport only for the wealthy. The client wanted to take a forward thinking approach and create a sense of community.

Our Approach.

We designed a clean, modern logo, featuring a silhouette of a horse's head - with a focus on clarity, to enable reproduction in a variety of formats including embroidery. We used bold colours and patterns reminiscent of jockey racing silks, to create a sense of energy and the excitement of horse racing. The tagline 'A share in the win' was developed to create a sense of community and the notion of being part of the horse racing events and the community that surrounds it.

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