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Creative Graffix is a brand-focussed graphic design studio with in-house print production based in Dundee.

5 Social Media Tips For Your Business

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5 Social Media Tips For Your Business

Andrew Golden

Well, it's been a while since we've touched this poor blog. But keeping busy is always a good sign, so thank you to all you folk who've been working with us recently!

Whilst we can catch a quick breathe here are a few tips on how to utilise social media sites for your business. Most companies get a lot of their business through word of mouth, and word of mouth has changed completely since the days of MySpace back last decade. Let's take a look at how to take advtantage of this!

1: Choose Your Website Wisely

Choose what social network sites your going to use according to your customers. Think, what do they use? For example, over 60% of image-centric site Pinterest's users are female. So if you want to reach a female audience Pinterest might be a good bet.

Similarly Tumblr is typically used by younger users, so if you aren't a business who sell to younger people then it might not be worth your time. It couldn't do any harm, but we're all busy folk, right?

Over 60% of Pinterest users are female.

2: Keep It Consistent

Try and link in all of your social media sites to be consistent with your business image. This means if people look at your Twitter and your Facebook they should each be instantly recognisable, not just in how it looks but in the content. Keep a pretty consistent writing style, because that's your company's personality you're putting out there.

Also if you post something up on one social network site think about posting it on others to keep the content easily accessable. Some sites like Wordpress have a feature to automatically post to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, and you can also find software to help you manage multiple social media profiles easily, like Hootsuite.

Social Media 1.jpg

3: Make Sure It's Up To Date

Nothing says unpunctual like an out-of-date website. It's like having a sleeping receptionist, it's just not good for first impressions! Make sure you keep up with updates. You don't have to post every day, just so long as it's more often than every few months you'll look involved enough!

4: Think About Your Followers Before Posting

Don't just post something up for the sake of it. Think about what your users can get out of what you're posting, and why they should read it. Put yourself in your followers' shoes and think if you'd find what you're writing interesting if posted by a stranger.

Posting what you're interested will naturally help your writing style flow better. If you're enthusiastic about something it does wonders for other people reading it!

5: Don't Think About How Many Followers Or Friends You Have

The ammount of followers or friends you have doesn't matter too much, because as they say it's better to have 100 dedicated, listening followers than having 1000 people who don't pay attention. Good followers are ones you can start a conversation with, or who really read what you put up. Those good followers are your real target audience online, and the challenge is getting those good followers!

It might seem slow, but persistence pays off with social media. Keep interested with what your posting and think about what your followers are getting out of your social network posts. Any questions? Why not give us a Tweet with that all that newfound knowledge up there? Follow us on @creativegraffix

Until next time!