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12b Riverside Court
United Kingdom

01382 660099

Creative Graffix is a brand-focussed graphic design studio with in-house print production based in Dundee.

Bigger, Better, Blogier

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Bigger, Better, Blogier

Andrew Golden

We all thought it was time we spruced up our poor little blog. Amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do! And it isn't just the way the blog looks that's changed. We've decided to finally bring the blog into the studio.

Over the next few weeks we'll post up a little bit about ourselves and happenings in the studio. We're just going to have a bit of fun with the blog basically. 

We've also got a wee daily challenge for you to try out over on our Facebook. Try to guess what album art we've posted up each day! I'll admit, I'm not great at keeping the answers secret, almost gave that Dire Strai-- ahem. Nevermind.

Watch this space for something a little different from now on. And why not subscribe to our mailing list? Next week is going to be a doozy! See you then.

- Andrew