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Creative Graffix is a brand-focussed graphic design studio with in-house print production based in Dundee.

The Importance of Brand Identity

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The Importance of Brand Identity

Russell Milne


We often get approached by businesses to produce a logo for them. They are looking for something modern, unique and interesting which will represent their business as the 'face' and brand. We then work with them to think about this in a wider setting - how will they use the image, how does it translate to their website, headed paper, business cards and other marketing materials. We think about the paper that is used as their letterhead, compliments slips etc. - the card & finish that we'd recommend for business cards and marketing materials…the look and feel of your business is a very important factor in how others perceive it. Do you want it to be traditional or modern, fun and quirky or valuable and weighty - all of these characteristics can be portrayed by thinking through your brand.

This is then worked up into a brand guidelines document which covers their logo, fonts used in their communications, brand colours and even imagery of products, services etc. This gives a suite of brand tools that the company can use when working with all sorts of suppliers, from web designers, to printers and advertisers.

Developing a brand for your business, being very clear on how your logo can be used, and how your business can be marketed and brought to life is not just something that larger businesses use - it's very relevant for small businesses. If you are consistent with how your customers, contacts and suppliers 'see and hear' about your business, you will be regarded as a professional, quality and strong business. Building a brand gives your business extra value, during its trading time and even if you come to sell it on in the future.